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Girton Allotment Society is run by a committee that is elected annually at the AGM.

The current committee is made up of:

  • Chairman — Malcolm Frew  (Plot CH10T)
    Responsible for oversight of site maintenance, environment and safety
  • Secretary – Patsy Smith  (Plot CH15T 575288)
  • Treasurer — Mike Blackburn  (Plot CY20H)
  • Lettings officer –Bill McCormack (Plot CY01A)
Responsible for:
- Letting plots to new tenants
- Letting plots to current tenants wishing to increase their holding
- Recording plots which become vacant with a view to re-letting

Please get in touch if you’re thinking of increasing, decreasing, or vacating your plot
  • Bryan Jones  (Plot CY7T)
  • Caroline Zakrzewski  (Plot CY8T)
  • Martin Harnor  (Plot CY9T)

If you are interested in obtaining a plot, please email Patsy Smith at girtonallotments(at)gmail(dot)com